Apartamento #27

apartamento magazine issue #27 spring/summer 2021

Apartamento is today's most inspiring interior magazine that is published biennially, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.

Good design, concise sentences, and sensuous curation come as indispensable items for those who are passionate about life.

Since the first issue came out in 2008, it has expanded its influence and is now based in New York, Milan, and Berlin.

It features Sabrina Fuentes, Pedro Friedeberg, Lucia Pescador, Alex Streeter, Tabboo!, Victor Barragán, Anders Frederik Steen & Anne Bruun Blauert, David Numwami, Luo Yang, Alexandra Cunningham Cameron & Seth Cameron, Leopold Banchini, Larry Stanton, Mario García Torres, and Roger Herman in this issue #27.

In addition, 'The New York House' of Louise Bourgeois's, the first chapter of Zebadiah Keneally's graphic novel' 'All the things I know’ and  Ottessa Moshfegh's short fiction ‘The imitations’ are included.

*Issue No. 27 has the same content and book cover, but there are two different designs on the side of the book that you can choose.

Size: 170 X 240 mm

Pages: 376

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