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Coffee measure by Lue

Lue inc works by hand with cutlery using Magami(A type of forged high tin bronze ) from design to manufacture. Magami is a material that you can enjoy the change of time, so the more you use it, the more stylish it becomes. As it is used, the oxide film protects the metal on the surface. As a result, the unique smell of metal disappears. Magami is an alloy of copper and zinc. Copper is known to have sterilizing effects and zinc is one of the minerals needed by the human body. Tableware made of Magami has been used by the royal family of Joseon dynasty. The green-blue color that can appear in copper and Magami has long been proven scientifically that it is not harmful to the human body, although there have been harmful rumors in Japan.

Materials & Size(cm)


L 13.5 x Ø 5 x H 2.3

Precautions for use 

  • Wipe with dishwashing detergent and remove moisture with a towel.

  • Careful use creates an even oxide film. If you leave it unwashed or leave it with food for a long time, rust is likely to come out, so be especially careful at first.

  • If you are worried about dark rust, wipe it with a detergent containing abrasives mixed with salt and vinegar to create the original gloss.

  • If the stain is difficult to remove, bury it in diluted vinegar and leave it overnight.

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