Buncheong tea cup by Park Sung-Wook

Buncheong tea cup by Park Sung-Wook 

The Buncheong technique is a decorative technique that changes the color and texture by applying white soil or colored soil on the surface of an object as a background soil. The clay soil that has been constructed in shape and the overlapping Bunjang soil materialize harmony by combining different soil. The method of immersing and taking out objects in dilute Bunjang soil is a technique of exploring materials with the adhesion to the background soil in mind, expressing the effect of mixing and blending as soil flows naturally.

The biggest feature of Buncheong is its vitality and naturalness, allowing you to feel the natural texture and rich yet restrained style of the soil.

Materials & Size(cm)


Ø 7.5 x H 4

Precaution for use 

  • Since artisans make them one by one manually, even the same product can cause differences in color, pattern, shape, size, etc..
  • Ovens, microwave ovens, or IH cooking heaters are not available.
  • After use, wash one by one carefully with a soft sponge without using a dishwasher or dryer. Also, do not use iron scrubbers or abrasives because the surface may get damaged.
  • After washing, dry it sufficiently, and be careful not to touch other things because they may absorb or crack due to differences in intensity when storing.
  • Do not tap or rub with objects such as spoons.
  • If there is a crack or wound, do not use it because it may be dangerous when used.

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