Small faceted container with lid by HaeInYo
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Small raceted container by HaeInYo

HaeInYo, a ceramic brand by artist Kim Sang-in, who studies various types of bowls by presenting a new direction of food culture under the theme of Joseon's aesthetics, started in 2012 and has been steadily creating a database through experiments in the form of soil and glaze. It is a brand that makes ceramic works for daily life use, not works that you can only see with your eyes.

It is a product that combines Korea's unique form with modern use to capture tradition and practicality.

Materials & Size(cm)


Ø 8 x H 6

Precautions for use 

  • Since artisans make them one by one manually, even the same product can cause differences in color, pattern, shape, size, etc..
  • Ovens, microwave ovens, or IH cooking heaters are not available.
  • After use, wash one by one carefully with a soft sponge without using a dishwasher or dryer. Also, do not use iron scrubbers or abrasives because the surface may get damaged.
  • After washing, dry it sufficiently, and be careful not to touch other things because they may absorb or crack due to differences in intensity when storing.
  • Do not tap or rub with objects such as spoons.
  • If there is a crack or wound, do not use it because it may be dangerous when used.

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