Lemon squeezer
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Lemon Squeezer by Azmaya

It is a Japanese brand that has been working with reliable Japanese craftsmen, artisans to create living tools since it was founded in 1997. They are making modern daily necessities using traditional techniques and materials.

You can put fresh lemon juice on the table as it is.

Juicer has an extra space where you can afford to accept 1 lemon juice, so you can make your own dressing or seasoning sauce with soy sauce, alcohol, and broth.

Materials & Size(mm)


W140 x D95 x H 107 (including snout)

240ml / 280g

Precautions for use 

  • After use, wash one by one carefully with a soft sponge without using a dishwasher or dryer. Also, do not use iron scrubbers or abrasives because the surface may get damaged.
  • After washing, dry it sufficiently, and be careful not to touch other things because they may absorb or crack due to differences in intensity when storing.
  • Do not tap or rub with objects such as spoons.
  • If there is a crack or wound, do not use it because it may be dangerous when used.

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