Wood Plate / Andrea Brugi

Wood Plate by Andrea Brugi

ndrea Brugi, a carpenter and woodcrafts artist from Toscana, Italy, uses natural texture to create woodwork that completes beauty with time. Brugi has been working in a small village called Montemerano, Toscana, since 2009, teaming up with his Danish wife Samina Langholz. All of his products are handmade and made of natural wood that is not processed at all.

Olive trees are very attractive types of trees with high density dark brown color and strong texture. The wood grain is so unique that even if it is the same product, each has its own texture. Since trees live more than 100 years, they are very strong and solid. Olive trees are well known for their antibacterial properties. This is because it naturally produces tannins in trees. Tannin is also an ingredient in the tea we drink.

Materials & Size및(cm)

Olive tree

  Ø 14 x 18cm 

Precaution for use 

  • Due to the nature of handmade products, the size may vary.
  • Trees can shrink or increase in new environments because they are alive. For example, it depends on heat, humidity, and temperature. A dishwasher is not available when managing the plates, but hot water or dishwashing detergent is available.
  • Since it is not processed with oil and lacquer, wipe it with running water before use and wipe it with a dry cloth to prevent the smell and stain of the dish. However, if left in water for a long time, it will cause the tree to break or deform, so be careful.
  • If you want to protect the wood, it is recommended to keep it with vegetable oil. No oil with colors or seasonings. Absorb oil first before using the plate or before washing it for the first time. If you manage it with oil, the tree will gradually turn yellow or warm. If you want to maintain gloss or protect the wood more, you can use oil treatment often.

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