Bowl(12.5x5.5) by Kang Suk-Keun
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Bowl (12.5x5.5) by Kang Suk-Keun

The craft that artist Kang Suk-Keun thinks of is a beautiful combination of practicality of "use" and artistic "sensibility" of own by hands. Based on the practicality of "use," the frame of the work seems to contradict the artistic "sensitivity," but the artist focuses on coordinating, yielding while producing works. Kang Suk-Keun's sensibility in terms of art originated from nature. Trees are made according to the direction of the sun, season, temperature. And they produce growth rings by the location of node.

The wood used by Kang Suk-Keun has an unexpected free curve as the thickness decreases to less than 3mm due to its nature. In order to overcome the limitations of the use of woodworking, the artist uses the "lacquered heat curing technique," which is passed down in a traditional way. "Lacquer heat curing technique" is a technique of lacquering metal or ceramic, and this technique applied by him to trees for the first time is a method that can stick lacquer into objects in a kiln above 200 degrees Celsius.

It is very difficult work to put delicate wood in a kiln over 200 degrees several times to prevent it from splitting, but Kang Suk-Keun's work in this process is practical and beautiful with oriental formative beauty which is neat and elegant rather than being too fancy

Materials & Size(cm)


Ø 12cm x H 5.5cm

Precautions for use 

  • Since artisan makes them one by one manually, even the same product can cause differences in color, pattern, shape, size, etc.
  • Lacquered woodworking, made with the artist's unique lacquer thermosetting technique, is heat-resistant enough to be used in a microwave oven and waterproof enough to be used as a pot for growing underwater plants.
  • It has a durability that can be washed with detergent, and it does not smell like lacquer even if hot food is put inside the wood bowl.

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