Diamond shape tea spoon

Tea spoon by Sゝゝ  

 Sゝゝ is a Japanese brand that evolves traditional Japanese aesthetics to fit into modern life and reflects traditions that do not change over time, new things that have not yet been seen, and generous values that are not bound by common sense.

Materials & Size(cm)


W 12cm x H 3.8cm

Precaution for use 

  • Since artisans make them one by one manually, even the same product can cause differences in color, pattern, shape, size, etc..
  • Ovens, microwave ovens, or IH cooking heaters are not available.
  • After use, wash one by one carefully with a soft sponge without using a dishwasher or dryer. Also, do not use iron scrubbers or abrasives because the surface may get damaged.
  • After washing, dry it sufficiently, and be careful not to touch other things because they may absorb or crack due to differences in intensity when storing.

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