Oblong tea mat by Choi Hee-Ju
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Hemp Tea Mat.by Choi Hee-Ju

Rather than calling herself a traditional craftsman, the artist introduces herself as a person who likes to play with cloth, that is a "wiggle-holic." Even if she uses traditional techniques, she enjoys making necessary things for modern life in various ways by adding stories and meanings. Since she thinks hand-made objects contain a precious heart and sincerity for the recipient, she always thinks about the recipient and work with sincerity.

"Drinking tea is a rest for the mind as well.

Put your mind on the flowing stitch line for a moment.

A line that flows can be a wave.

It could be a ridge that flows.

It can be a ray of wind.

I made it with the hope that you will rest."

Materials & Size (mm)

Hemp cloth

W21 x D15cm

Precautions for us 

  • Everything is done manually. Each product has a slightly different shape and stitch drawing. 
  • There may be small errors such as size.
  • Please understand that the shape may be different from the images on the screen because it varies depending on the warehousing. 
  • Products will be delivered randomly. Enjoy the joy of keeping your own tea mat, which is the only one in the world.
  • Take a neutral detergent and wash it as if pressing it occasionally and after drying, sprinkle glue on the hemp and iron it to make it stiff again.
  • Due to the nature of natural fibers, there may be sometimes lumps. Please enjoy it as a natural way.

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